BlackJack Trilogy 1 + 2 ( Like New ) 7 Discs

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BlackJack Trilogy 1 + 2 ( Like New) 7 Discs
Trilogy 1 :
Justice means more than punishing those who commit crimes – it means never giving up the search for the truth. In his pursuit of long unsolved cases and answers for those left behind, justice is Detective Jack Kempsons creed.

Sweet Science: Jack investigates a gangland execution at a childrens football game twelve years ago.

In the Money: Jack uncovers a disturbing new plot in the unsolved murder of a loving mother.

Ace Point Game: Jack must find the real perpetrator of a series of unsolved rape cases before the victims exact their revenge on the wrong man.
Trilogy 2 :
Old police cases are filed away in a place buried deep within the bowels of Police Headquarters. This is where Detective Jack Kempson (Colin Friels) does his work revitalising old cases and bringing to trial a whole lot of people who thought they got away with it.

Jack suspects dodgy police work in a 20-year-old case.

At The Gates:
Jack investigates a 10 year old house fire that killed a baby.

Dead Memory:
A murder case forces Sam to confront her past.