Body Antibody (DVD, 2009) *Accent Film* *Award Winner!*

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Described by one critic as the 'darkest, kinkiest, and funniest film I've seen,' BODY/ANTIBODY has the erotic romance of 'The Secretary' and chilling sex appeal of 'American Psycho'.

Kip Polyard is an obsessive compulsive shut-in whose entire life transpires inside of a germ-free hermetically sealed apartment. When the beautiful Celine, who comes with her own share of baggage, moves in next door, Kip is compelled to finally open his romance. When their unlikely and awkward romance blooms, Celine's vile and sadistic ex Andy forces himself back into her life and threatens to dismantle Kip's carefully-ordered world. He wants them both to suffer, but for decidedly different reasons.