British Sex Comedy Bulk Lot! Cool It Carol + Sex Thief + More

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Can I Keep It Up for a Week? (1975)
More tee-hee sex English style as a no-hoper moper goes from one job to another meeting on the way numerous women determined to get him into bed. As usual in these highly believable films, cravats and flaired underwear prevail. Stars Man About The House's Richard O? Sullivan and also features the lick-when-wet Valerie Leon as an SM skirt-Lifter.

Cool it Carol (1970)
Two teenagers leave their small village behind and travel to London to make a life for themselves in the big city. Joe (Robin Askwith) convinces his girlfriend Carol (Janet Lynn) he has a job waiting in the motor trade and other connections. They spend the night together in a hotel and are swindled out of their money. Joe has no trouble convincing Carol to become a prostitute, and she continues the practice after landing a job as a successful model. Carol and Joe get work in pornographic films before they consider moving back to the quiet village once again. The seamy side of West End London is graphically illustrated. Jess Conrad, Stubby Kaye, Harry Baird and Pearl Hackney also appear in this exploitation film. 

The Sex Thief (1974)
An inspector and an insurance investigator both have a major stake in revealing the identity of an audacious jewel thief.

Intimate Games (1976)
Directed by Tudor Gates, Intimate Games centers around a group of English psychology students simultaneously researching sexual fantasies as well as fulfilling those of their professor. This 70's piece of British sex-cinema features a performance by George Baker, who later became famous for his role in the television series Ruth Rendell Mysteries, and an uncredited role from future sex actress Mary Millington. 

School for Unclaimed Girls (1969)
Nicki (Madeline Hinde) is a troubled teenage girl who feels guilty about her father's death. Her mother Anne (Renee Asherson) is a lonely woman who falls for opportunistic loafer Harry (Patrick Mower). When Harry tries to rape Nicki, she stabs him with a pair of scissors. Nicki is sent to a home for wayward girls where she becomes even more withdrawn. She is seduced by a lesbian and the two manage to escape the facility. They take temporary refuge with an old boyfriend and remain wanted criminals in this routine melodrama