Bruce Lee Doco Pack: Death By Misadventure (1993) / The Real Bruce Lee (1973)

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He was the greatest master of unarmed combat the world has ever seen. How could the self proclaimed worlds fittest man die so suddenly at the very height of his career? Could foul play have been involved or even murder? Death By Misadventure goes in depth behind the scenes as we unfold the greatest mystery of the martial arts movie world. It also highlights a profile of Bruce Lee's only legacy. Brandon Lee, which charts the rising star's emergence as a major force in action cinema of the 90's until his tragic and untimely death in March 1993. If you think you've seen everything on Bruce Lee you're wrong, dead wrong. 

Exclusive footage include: Ground-Breaking new evidence, 
                                        Key Witnesses reveal the truth behind the Curse Of The Dragon, 
                                        Exclusive clips from many of Bruce Lee's childhood home movies, 
                                        Colour footage of Bruce Lee's Long Beach 1978 Karate Tournament 
                                        and an Interview with Brandon Lee.

Running Time: 92 minutes

Cast: Bruce Lee 
         Brandon Lee


"A must see for all true fans of the Dragon!"

The Real Bruce Lee is the world’s first Bruce Lee documentary. Completed shortly after he’s death the film covers his early life and feature hard-to-find clip from his childhood films such as: Bad Boy, Orphan Sam, Kid Cheung, and The Carnival. The documentary also highlights some of the Lee imitators such as imitator Bruce Li and Dragon Lee.