Collection Body Training with Nancy Marmorat ( 13 Disc Set )

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Get into shape - in your own home - with the Nancy Marmorat Fitness Collection. Nancy Marmorat is a graduate of the Irene Popard School of Dance who teaches dance, Stretching and keep-fit exercises. Her fitness collection includes a complete range of exercise routines that work on specific areas of the body. 

ABs & Buttocks - Shape up your behind and improve your waistline. 

Back & Chest - Tone up your chest muscles and strengthen your back. Body Sculpture - Get into shape you want! 

Daily Exercise Routine - Tone up your figure in just 15 minutes a day, including seven 15-minute exercise routines to improve body tone, improve fitness and improve the figure - one for each day of the week 

Gym (Dance) - Nancy has chosen three kinds of music which will each give a rhythm to the sequences: Latin, African and Classical Hi-Lo Latino - This workout is set to Latin music to improve co-ordination and stimulate the cardio-vascular system.

 Low Impact Aerobics - Low impact aerobics is a programme for buring up calories by doing a sustained cardiovascular workout. 

Slim Fitness - This programme includes specific exercises (muscle toning and suppleness) designed to improve and shape target areas of your body. For best results, you will need a dumb bell, weighted bar abd a skipping rope.

 Step Beginners and Intermediate - Improve muscle co-ordination and lose weight. 

Step (Advanced) - using a raised step you will be able to work on muscle co-ordination as you burn up calories. 

Stretching - A programme of stretching exercises that will improve suppleness and your figure, while providing the perfect complement to many sporting activities. 

The Figure - Lose weight and improve your figure through aerobic exercise and targeted muscle toning. 

Thighs & Buttocks - Shape up your behind and firm up your thighs.