Gay Doco Pack: Rock Hudson's Home Movies / Color Me Lavander *Queer Cinema*

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Rock Hudson's Home Movies (DVD, 2011)
"It was all up there,"says Rock Hudson (Eric Farr) at the start of this rule breaking, dizzying assortment of clips from Rock Hudson's Hollywood career that make up Mark Rappaport's feature film Rock Hudson's Home Movies.

Employing narrative commentary from beyond the grave, the film invents an eclectic form of biography. The closer you look at Hudson's films the more you see the actor winking at us. An award winning blend of dozens of clips, Rock Hudson's Home Movies sheds new a new and provocative light on one of Hollywood's greatest legends.

The Silver Screen - Color Me Lavander (DVD, 2011)
Filmmaker Mark Rappaport cleans out the proverbial closet of Hollywood and film history and unearths a veritable treasure of homo-erotic and gay subliminal gems, including everything from comedies to westerns, film-noir to musicals, and everything in between. Host/narrator Dan Butler leads us through a fun, but extensively documented, exploration of gay film history, from subliminal subtext to clearly visible. Included are many film clips of classic films and golden age stars.