Harlequin - Mills & Boon: The Romance Series - Vol 2 *Quadruple Feature Pack 2*

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Hard to Forget:
is a story about private investigator Max Warner, who is convinced that the death of Sandra Applewhite was no accident and that her domineering husband, John Gilman murdered her.When h meets Sandra's twin sister Nicky, the two begin to fall in love. Max then enlists her help in a scheme that would trap Gilman. Max's investigation leads him from North America to South Africa and finally to an idyllic Aegean island, where he finally manages to corner Gilman and gets him to confess. Will Max and Nicky live happily ever after or will his jet-setting lifestyle hinder any long term commitment?

Diamond Girl:
Claire Barnard is an attractive, if somewhat dowdy, paralegal who takes care of the everyday running of a law practice owned by playboy lawyer Denny Montana. Denny is oblivious to the fact that Claire harbors romantic feelings for him. 
Since the death of Denny's father the family wine estate has been in financial decline and the family is considering a merger. Denny's brother Regan has arrived to help protect the families interests as he does not have confidence that Denny will negotiate a suitable settlement, nor does he trust his gold digging girlfriend Margo. Regan has commandeered and office at Denny's practice and the intrusion has meant that Claire and Regan bicker constantly. Despite this fact, he recognises that Claire is a diamond in the rough and sets about transforming her into a ravishing beauty. Regan intends to enlist the aid of the transformed Claire to lure his brother Denny away from the seductive charms of Margo. She gets the man she loves and he gets Denny away from Margo's evil clutches.

Loving Evangeline:
When Robert Cannon, the rich and powerful President of Boston Based Thornhill Software learns of the fatal boating accident ofhis younger brother Kevin, he travels to their boyhood home to retrieve the body.
On his arrival, he meets teh young and beautiful Evie Shaw. She is the owner of the marina from which Kevin rented the boat on the day he dies and she remains convinced the death was not an accident. Robert quickly becomes obsessed with the truth about the death and also with the attractive and capable young widow, Evie.

Another Woman:
When Lisa Temple wakes up in the hospital, she remembers nothing - her name, who she was, her wealthy husband Paul's intention to divorce her, or that she was badly beaten and left for dead in an alley. When Paul takes her home, Lisa is like a child who must relearn everything from how food tastes to making love.
Convinced that Lisa is putting on an act to circumvent his plans for divorce, Paul treats her cautiously, but gradually, as he witnesses her childlike delight at everything the world has to offer, he falls in love with her all over again.
As Lisa's memory returns, she is able to integrate who she was with who she is but she is shocked when she eventually remembers that on the night of her accident, she put events in motion that could result in the death of the man that she loves.