Hercules vs. the Hydra (1960) aka The Loves of Hercules

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While Hercules (Mickey Hargitay) is away, his village is plundered and his wife is killed by the army of Ecalia as the first part of a scheme by the treacherous Licos (Massimo Serato) to gain the throne of Ecalia for himself. Licos plans that Hercules will come to Ecalia for vengeance and murders the King himself to save Ecalia from his revenge. Hercules learns of the murder of his wife and seeks vengeance, but is thwarted when the King's daughter and heir to the throne Queen Deianira offers herself rather than her realm of Ecalia as the guilty party. In accordance with the law Deianira must face the wrath of Hercules; she is bound to a wall as Hercules throws axes at her that miss Deianira proving her innocence in the eyes of the gods.