Infinite Ryvius : Volume 1, 2 ,4 & 5 - Collectors Box

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2225 AD. An act of sabotage has sent a space station plummeting towards a dense plasma phenomena known as the Sea of Geduld. With only hours to spare before the collapse of the entire station, a group of teens, training on-board the ship will seek safety aboard the Ryvius, an interstellar spacecraft hidden deep inside the station. With the adult crew and instructors killed, these young astronauts must rely on their training, courage, and most importantly… each other. Prepare for the journey home.

* From SUNRISE studios (Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne)
* An intense science fiction series in the vein of the classic novel 'Lord of the Flies' 
* The second sci-fi thriller by director Goro Taniguchi - s-CRY-ed (July) and Infinite Ryvius (September)