Johnny Apollo (1940) * Tyrone Power, Dorothy Lamour, Edward Arnold *

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Johnny Apollo (1940)
To save his father, a young man turns to crime and gets caught up in more than he bargained for. When Bob Cain (Tyrone Power), learns his stockbroker father is mixed up in embezzlement, with shame he drops out of college and denounces him. After losing everything that matters, Cain soon comes to his father's aid and vows to pay his debt by any means. He hooks up with racketeer Mickey Dwyer (Lloyd Nolan) and assumes the name Johnny Apollo. But Dwyer's, gal Lucky DuBarry (Dorothy Lamour) has eyes for Johnny and before long she's the only one Johnny can trust. Day-Time Wife (1939, 72 min.) When a naughty husband is suspected of having an extra-marital affair, his wife decides all's fair in love and war. After being married for two years, Ken Norton (Tyrone Power) is itching for something more; namely his young secretary Kitty (Wendy Barrie). But when Ken's wife Jane (Linda Darnell) suspects hanky-panky, she evens the score by taking a secretarial job with Ken's business associate Bernard Dexter (Warren William). Things really heat up when Ken and Jane accidentally meet at a restaurant with their dates!