Mango Kiss (DVD, 2006) * Award Winner * Queer Cinema *

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Mango Kiss is a fish-out-of-water comedy about Lou, whose world is turned upside-down when she falls in love with her best friend Sassafras. Before Lou finds the courage to announce her desire to Sass, they move to San Francisco together to embark on their careers as queer performance artists. As the naive young adventurers stumble into an underground world of role playing and non-monogamous, S&M loving dykes, a riotous and sexy comedy of errors ensues.

Inspired by the bold women they've discovered, Lou takes the plunge and suggests that she and Sass become lovers, but Sass doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship. Lou changes tactics and proposes that they try a non-monogamous role-playing experiment. Under the guise of doing research for their performance piece, they delve into to a princess/daddy role-play: Sass plays out a brat princess, Lou becomes her Sea Captain Daddy, and their mad new world is turned completely on its head.