Nina's Heavenly Delights (DVD, 2007) + Extras * Queer Cinema *

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Nina's Heavenly Delights (DVD, 2007)

Nina Shah is a feisty young Indo–Scottish woman with an identity crisis. Nina previously left home under a cloud after a row with her father. When her father dies suddenly, Nina is forced to return and run the family owned Curry House. This reunites her with her childhood friend Bobbi, a Bollywood drag queen and brings her face to face with Lisa, a charismatic young woman to whom Nina’s father sold 50% of the restaurant.

Nina embarks on a personal mission to win the ‘Best of the West’ curry competition, a highly coveted prize in the world of Indian cuisine. But Nina’s feelings are thrown into turmoil when she realises that she is falling in love......with Lisa! Can she win both prizes?

An original, vibrant story filled with an explosion of colourful characters and the heady spice of forbidden love.