Offspring: Feature Length Telemovie!

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Nina Proudman's day off from her busy job as an obstretician starts in the usual fashion- with a detailed 'to do' list. Just as Nina gets to the fourth item on her list (a fantasy about sexy new paediatrician Chris Havel) the barrage of phone calls begins. After rescuing her mad family members from their own chaotic lives and dealing with the lovesick pleas of her ex-husband, Brendan, Nina's day of 'relaxation' comes to an abrupt end. 

Back at work. Nina finally works up the courage to talk to her gorgeous new colleague, Chris, but his distracted reaction to her advances leaves her feeling deflated. Luckily, the dramatic antics of her crazy family and friends save her from wallowing in rejection: when her heavily pregnant pal Cherie shows up and goes in to premature labour, Nina is spurred into action. But even the dramatic Nina is shocked when the baby's daddy is revealed...

Just another day in the life of Nina Proudman!