Once a Thief - The Complete Series (John Woo)

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Two fugitives, Li Ann Tsei and Mac Ramsey are fleeing their 'family', a powerful Hong Kong mob. Mac and Li Ann were rescued from destitute life by "The Godfather". Along with his natural son Michael, "The Godfather" raised his 'adopted' children to become brilliant criminals executing dangerous yet glamorous missions.

A bitter rivalry between Michael and Mac has developed over the years as they vie for the attentions of Li Ann and their father. Li Ann and Mac are secretly in love, and when it is revealed their father has arranged for Li Ann to marry Michael, the lovers plan to leave Hong Kong. Suspecting their disloyalty "The Godfather" thwarts the escape plan, pitting brother against brother. Set against the pulsating backdrop of Hong Kong and the pristine snow-capped mountains of Vancouver, John Woo's Once a Thief is a stylish tale of intrigue, romance and explosive nonstop action.