Outing Riley (DVD, 2008) * Nathan Fillion of Firefly + Serenity * Queer Cinema *

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Bobby Riley is a good Irish Catholic guy from Chicago. He has a great job as an architect, is devoted to his family, loves beer, worships the Cubs and is in a monogamous relationship. Where Bobby deviates from the narrow Irish Catholic norm — and, thus, that of the entire Riley family— is in his homosexuality.

Afraid of the consequences of coming out, he remains closeted to all but his partner Andy and his no-B.S. sister Maggie. But when his father dies, Bobby sees an opportunity to open up to his brothers, who include a by-the-book priest and a pair of hard-drinking, babe-loving dudes. When the time comes, however, Bobby can’t find the words and opts to maintain his straight facade. But Maggie has other plans…

A heart-warming and hilarious comedy about struggling with your family ties.