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CHIKORITA Meet Chikorita, the Leaf Pok mon who loves to sunbathe! Very docile, the leaf on its head emits a sweet fragrance that creates a cozy and relaxed environment. Ash s Chikorita is emotionally sensitive, and can become very upset when misunderstood. CYNDAQUIL Meet Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pok mon! While it has mild temperament and a timid nature, the fl ames on this Pok mon s back will burn when it is angry or surprised, scorching anything and everything that comes close to it! TOTODILE Meet Totodile, the Big Jaw Pok mon that loves to take a bite out of everything around it! While Totodile may be small, its powerful jaws can chomp through almost anything! Ash s Totodile has a genuine playfulness about it, it is always ready for a good laugh!